For Children. “Why do I feel sick?”

Victory Over Bullying - Help and Support for You

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

If you are being bullied you might wonder why you feel so unwell all the time. There could be lots of reasons why you don’t feel well, and if you don’t feel alright it is important that you tell a grown up and ask for help, and maybe the grown up will take you to a doctor if that is what is needed. Even though there might be different reasons that you don’t feel well, some of them might be to do with the bullying. Have you ever fallen over when running or hurt yourself riding a bike or bumped into something? Your body would have felt pain, and maybe you had some bleeding or got a bruise. Our bodies allow us to feel pain so that we can know that something has gone wrong and so that we can rest the bit that has…

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